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Máquina automática de corte térmico CNC


1.Linear travelling speed 30 m/min
2.Clamping drilling column on the drilling table
3.Unclamping drill holder
4.Cable RS232
5.Clamping the work piece
6.Threading with 11 Kw (15 Kw) M4 %u2013 M24 (M4 - M30)
7.Number drilling heads (horizontal) 1
8.USB stick
9.PC beside the machine
10.WLAN (wireless)

Zimkor LLC

Contact: Jeff
Phone: 94112438653
Fax: 9411 2438653
Email: dean@internationaltool.com

AISC certified / NESDA Member

We provide steel beams, columns, rhs supports, steel purlins for factories, mezzanine floors, bridge beams, repairs to all types of machinery, custom brackets, gates, security grills and also catering for steel supplies when required.

Steel Fabricators:

Utah Pacific Bridge & Steel Corporation
American Steel & Aluminum Company, Inc.
Hubbard & Drake Inc.
Laswell Steel Services, LLC
Bailey Bridges, Inc.
Mid-West Conveyor Co.
SteelFab, Inc.
Paramount Iron, Inc.
WSI, Inc./Washington Stair & Iron
Ritner Steel, Inc.

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